About Us

Hey, welcome!! My name is Shaylee and I'm the one behind Grit + Gals Boutique. The summer of 2018 I had this random vision of opening a boutique. So that's when this little journey began:) I had one heck of a time figuring out a name, that's why it took me so long to get the ball rollin'! I knew from the get go that I wanted the word "grit" in it. I came up with hundreds of names, but someone in my family wouldn't be the biggest fan, so I tossed each one. One day in November of 2018, my sister texted me and said "I think I have the one!". And sure enough, she did. Grit + Gals Boutique it was! I would probably still be sending names to my mom if it wasn't for her! Thanks Teagan;)    

Grit. One of my all time favorite words. I once saw a quote that read "Grit: The stubborn refusal to quit." and automatically loved it. Maybe I love it so much because I'm a pretty stubborn person myself and that made being stubborn sound like somewhat of a good thing for once. Or maybe because it said "refusal to quit" which I think can be pretty powerful. Either way, I started doing more research on this grit word that I became so obsessed with. Passion and perseverance was always tied to this word, which made me love it even more. I think having grit is a pretty dang cool thing to have. I hope you persevere with or without wearing a piece from Grit + Gals Boutique.  

Now a little about me. Like I said, I'm Shaylee! I'm 21 years old and studying Agricultural Education. I'm currently student teaching at a high school where I teach Ag Mech, Ag Business, Livestock, and Intro to Welding. I've grown up in the industry and fell in love with agriculture even more when I was in high school. I have my ag teachers and livestock judging coach to thank for that. I want to be able to educate high schoolers about the importance of agriculture and why we wouldn't be able to live without it. I have always loved kids and teaching as well, so this is right up my alley! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and more importantly, thank you for supporting my small business dream!